Russian launched new minesweeping drone

According to a report on the defenseworld website on October 21, 2020, Rosoboronexport exhibited a model named "Dragonfly" at the 24th Interpolitex-2020 International Homeland Security Exhibition held in Moscow from October 20 to 23. "(Strekoza) minesweeper drone.

The drone is equipped with an improvised explosive device detection system, which can detect and detonate improvised explosive devices. The Strekoza UAV can fly at an altitude of 30m. After finding a suspicious object, it will attach TNT explosives to the suspicious object and then detonate it remotely. The drone is equipped with a video camera so that the operator can inspect dangerous objects and the environment in detail from all angles.

Best VTOL Frame For Minesweeper Drone

FLYV01 is a fully autonomous, commercial grade Vertical Takeoff and Land (VTOL) drone. It can fly up to 150KM distance and can achieve an endurance of almost 2 hours. it can carry payloads up to 1.5KG which could range from samples to high resolution gimbal cameras. It is a best frame KIT for your VTOL building.


Wingspan: 2300MM
Length: 800MM
Endurance:120 Minutes
KIT Weight: 2.7KGS
Max takeoff weight:10KGS
Max Payload: 1.5KGS
Multirotor motor: V505 KV260
Fixwing Motor: AT4120 KV500
Propeller: 15*8
Battery: 1 unit 25000 mAh Lipo battery
Frame material: Kevlar or fiberglass