Russian AGM-MS3 surveying drone will be equipped with Ultra Puck surveying radar

Velodyne Lidar has reached an agreement with AGM Systems, a developer of mobile surveying and mapping technology, to provide Ultra Puck lidar sensors for the widely used AGM-MS3 surveying drone in Russia.

AGM Systems is the first company in Russia to use lidar on fixed-wing drones. Velodyne's lidar solutions have the advantages of high quality, low power consumption and high reliability.

The AGM-MS3 UAV equipped with lidar can achieve centimeter-level precision surveying and mapping at a height of 200 meters through the comprehensive application of AGM inertial navigation system, Velodyne radar system and platform proprietary software data. In addition, the Velodyne Ultra Puck lidar sensor can also provide high-precision navigation and safe landing functions.

At present, the Moscow State University of Surveying and Mapping (MIIGAiK) has tested and evaluated the data quality of the AGM-MS3 airborne Velodyne Ultra Puck lidar, which fully verified the accuracy, detail, repeatability and stability of the radar system data.

Flydragon supply two mapping drone

1.FDWH1600 Multi-rotor 

FlyDragon FDWH1600 is a heavey multi-rotor drone, can payload 3kg fly 80 minutes, payload 8kg fly 35 minutes, it's dust-proof and water-proof, modular design for easy assembly and disassembly.


Wheelbase: 1600mm
Airframe Material: Carbon Fiber And Composite Materials
Air frame Weight: 2.7kg

Air frame height: 500MM
Max. Take-Off Weight: 26kg
Max. Payload: 12kg

Flight Time : 8KGS payload  35min(4 *25000mAh 6s LiPO HV)


FlyDragon FLY-420 VTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) is a type of aircraft that uses electric power to hover, take off, and land vertically. This technology came about thanks to major advances in electric propulsion (motors, batteries, electronic controllers) and the growing need for new vehicles. FLY-420 industry leading mid-to-long range UAV, optimized for tight launch and landing zones. This extremely versatile platform can be retrofitted for many applications, including but not limited to: Agriculture, surveying, search and rescue, pipeline monitoring, emergency response, infrastructure inspection, and disaster relief. From small businesses seeking value to government and enterprise level organizations that require efficiency and ease of use,  Flydragon FLY-420 is the best in class UAV solution.


Wingspan: 4210MM Captain: 2100mm
Aircraft material: full composite material
Maximum take-off weight: 32 kg
Standard take-off weight: 30 kg
Life time: 4 hours (load 1 kg)
2 hours (load 5 kg)
1.5 hours (load 7 kg)
Wind resistance: level 6
Waterproof: IP34
Service ceiling: 6000 meters
Load: 1-7 kg
Flying speed: 23-25 m/s
Equipment cabin space: 400MM*340MM*270MM