Atmos launched VTOL fixed-wing surveying drone

Atmos of the Netherlands launched an improved automatic vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV Marlyn for surveying drone . The main improvements of the platform are as follows:

1) Realize the simplified design of UAV UAV adopts fast interchangeable load module, smart battery module with LED charging indicator, dynamic post-processing differential technology (PPK)/automatic flight control data USB-C interface output module. In particular, the improved automatic flight control system of the Marlyn platform has effectively enhanced the controllability of the UAV under severe weather conditions such as strong winds.

2) Low-cost and high-performance improvement The SONY A7C image sensor load has been added to the Marlyn platform. The 24.4MP full-frame sensor can achieve 1.7cm ground sampling distance resolution imaging, which significantly improves the performance of the modified Marlyn platform, but its cost is only half of the original 42MP RX1RII module.

3) New flight planning software upgrade Atmos has improved the Marlyn flight planning software. The supporting Navigator software can set the parameters of each sensor/application program of Marlyn as required, and has functions such as wind calculation/area planning, which can assist users in selecting suitable airborne sensor components.

The price of the new Marlyn platform package starts at 16,950 Euros.

FlyDragon FDG-25 VTOL fixed-wing mapping&surveying drone

Flydragon FDG-25 vtol fixed wing mapping drone, wingspan 2.5 meters,it iss electric version . This model combines the characteristics of long-endurance, high-speed and long-distance of fixed-wing UAVs and the vertical take-off and landing of rotor-wing drones. It does not require runway but only small space for take-off and landing, and can be operated smoothly on ship deck, narrow airspace, mountain, complex terrain and densely populated areas such as hills, jungles


Easy to assemble and operate Vertical take-off and landing, without limitation of space Resistance to harsh weather conditions Diesel-electric version and electric version optional All carbon fiber composite material, industry standard architecture Compatible with PC station, suitable for open source of autopilot system.

1. Body material: carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, pvc interlayer, etc.
2. Body length: 1.26m
3. Wingspan: 2.5m
4. Landing gear height: 19.5cm
5. Landing gear installation position: below the rotor rod
6. Task compartment size: 260mm*172mm*90mm
7. Battery compartment size: 260mm*150mm*85mm (can hold 2*5300mah and 1*32000mah at the same time)
8. Position of mission compartment: directly below the center of gravity of the aircraft
9. Structure weight: about 3.2kg
10. Maximum take-off weight: less than 13kg
11. Maximum payload: 2kg (standard load: 1-1.5kg)
12. Endurance time: 170min/1.5kg (standard power configuration) (fixed wing power can be equipped with 18650 batteries to increase endurance time)
13. Maximum control distance: manual control by remote control/1km, ground station/standard 30km
14. Standard cruising speed: 65km/h (about 18m/s)
15. Maximum cruising speed: 108km/h (30m/s)
16. Stall speed: 16m/s
17. Minimum circling radius: 150m
18. Maximum level flight limit: 4000m above sea level
19. Wind resistance of fixed-wing mode: no less than 7 wind (17.1m/s)
20. Maximum wind resistance in rotor take-off and landing mode: no less than class 4 wind (7.9m/s)
21. Operating environment: -20℃~45℃; can fly in light rain
22. Power battery: 2*5300mah (vertical take-off and landing) 2*25000mah (fixed wing cruise)
23. Rotor emergency operation time: not less than 6.5min
24. Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
25. Vertical power blade size: 16 inches (recommended)
26. Fixed wing tail thruster blade: 14~16 inches (recommended

A7 mapping camera

DJI launched drone 3D mapping software


Sensor: 35mm full frame Exmor CMOS sensor(35.9x24mm)
Pixels(effective): 36.4MP
Lens compatibility: E-mount lenses
Hot Shoe signal: supported
Shutter Trigger:High level/low level/PWM
Shutter Speed:30-1/8000sec
Continuous shooting: 4FPS
Storage Card Type: SD/SDHC/SDXC Card/MS
Storage: SD Card(maximum support 640G)
Parameter Setting: Button/USB
Data Reading: SD card/USB
Interface: HDMI USB2.0
Weight: 208g
Image sensor aspect ratio: 3:2

PPK sets

Size:145 x 145 x 85 mm
Weight:690 g
Operating tº:-20…+65ºC
Ingress protection:IP67
Static horizontal:5 mm + 1 ppm
Static vertical:10 mm + 2 ppm
Kinematic horizontal:7 mm + 1 ppm
Kinematic vertical:14 mm + 2 ppm
BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
Tracking channels:72
Update rate:14 Hz / 5 Hz

The ready to fly price of the FDG-25 mapping drone package at 11,761 EUR