Small VTOL Drone recommend for mapping&surveying

Small VTOL drones have low requirements for take-off and landing sites, no runways, simple modular design and simple assembly, wingspan of less than 3 meters, and a load of 1-3 kg. The endurance is about 2 hours. Small VTOL drones are mainly used for surveying, mapping, aerial photography and monitor.

We are glad to share Two small VTOL drones for reference

1.Small shark VTOL 250 Fixed wing

Baby shark vtol is developed by drone manufature FlyDragon UAV company, it's a small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone, Small shark is made of composite materials, which features high strength and light weight. The space is big enough to hold a flight controller, batteries or other devices.


Wingspan: 2.5m
Frame Weight: 2.68kg
Total Weight: 5.5kg(without battery)
Max Take-off Weight: 12kg
Max Payload: 6.5kg(including battery)
Max Flight Time: 2.5 hours
Max Speed: 100km/h

It can take off and land vertically with only 4× areas needed. The frame of BABY SHARK is only 2.7kg, and max take-off weight is 13kg, the stall speed of the BABY SHARK is 16m/s, the highest speed is  110km/h, Flydragon provide PNP and RTF version.

2.Big shark 320 Fixed wing VTOL

FlyDragon Big shark vtol uav is also a small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone, Big shark is He is an upgraded version of baby Shark, it's made of composite materials, The space is bigger than baby shark, so big shark have more space to hold electrics and other devices.


MTOW 20.3kg
Weight w/o battery and payload 9.69kg
Wingspan 3200 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Height 500 mm
Frame weight 3.2kg
Max payload(battery included) 10.61kg
Battery weight 7.53kg
Endurance(20.3kg take-off weight) 2.5 hours
Cruise speed 78-90km/h
Max speed 100km/h
Stall speed 57.6km/h