The U.S. Army wants to equip infantry with small drone

According to the US media "Forbes" website, the US Army hopes to equip its infantry squad with a small drone. So how small is this drone? Less than 25 grams, not even as heavy as a slice of bread. The payload of the drone must be less than 5 grams, which is only equivalent to the weight of a teaspoon of sugar.

The U.S. Army is trying to solve such a problem: UAVs should have ideal range and endurance capabilities, which often leads to larger UAVs, heavier, more powerful, and more costly. Even the RQ-11 small drone widely used by the U.S. military still weighs more than 1.8 kilograms. The heavier the drone, the fewer the infantry squad can carry, which is a thorny issue for troops fighting on foot.

Among the UAVs weighing less than 150 grams, there are almost no products that can meet all the needs of the U.S. military, and the cost of these UAVs is relatively high." The new functions are integrated into small drones that are small in size, light in weight, and low in cost.

In other words, the UAV system should be fully integrated with other equipment and network systems. And can pass information to higher-level troops as needed. In this way, soldiers can know what will happen at the next corner or on the next hillside. The drone will also assist the infantry in clearing the enemy from buildings or roads and provide real-time local intelligence for lifesaving.

In addition, the US Army also hopes to add a large number of functions to a small drone. These functions include threat detection and warning, targeting, GPS jamming and deception, etc., and the aircraft must be able to integrate with the "Land Warrior" individual soldier system.

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