The world's first unmanned vtol helicopter capable of precision strikes

unmanned vtol helicopter

Two Israel-based Steadicopter and Smart Shooter companies have jointly developed the first unmanned vtol helicopter that can carry a variety of assault rifles, sniper rifles and perform precision strikes - the Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle combines AI technology with Smart Shooter's SMASH Dragon system. AI-based technology enables superior situational awareness and autonomous multi-target classification and tracking. The SMASH Dragon is a remotely operated robotic weapon that locks onto, tracks and ensures precise hits.

Through advanced data processing, AI systems can autonomously identify and differentiate between different types of objects, such as people or vehicles, whether they are moving or stationary, and whether they have ever been present at the scene.

The Golden Eagle is lightweight, allowing for long mission endurance, cost-effective, simple operation and easy maintenance, and vertical take-off and landing capability for successful mission completion.

"Today's complex combat environment requires advanced solutions that allow troops to remotely execute missions and suppress targets, even before entering the area," said Noam Lidor, vice president of sales, marketing and business development at Steadicopter. "Utilizing artificial intelligence, new systems Provides a field solution for the modern battlefield. Ground forces can now send one helicopter to the relevant area for autonomous intelligence gathering, and after identifying and classifying the target, send another helicopter with precision attack capability.”

FlyDragon FD-100 unmanned vtol helicopter max. endurance 8 hours 

unmanned vtol helicopter

Size: L2895×W616×H1150mm
length of the fuselage: 3765mm (including propeller)
Main propeller diameter: 3330mm
Tail propeller diameter: 620mm
Max.takeoff weight: 110kg
Drone weight: 65kg
Max. paylaod: 45kg
Max. flight speed 120km/h
Max. endurance: 8 hours(without paylaod)
Practical cruising altitude: 3000m
Maximum ceiling 4000m
Working temperature: -20-40℃
Wind resistance class: 6
Engine displacement: 250cc
Main fuel tank: 12L
Auxiliary fuel tank: 9L*2 (optional)
Fuel consumption: 6L/h
Engine start battery: 4700mAh
Engine working voltage: 12V
Avionics battery: 5300mAh×2 (parallel)
Avionics working voltage: 24V
Airborne generator: 12V/80W (for engine) 24V/800W (for avionics)
Fuel label: 98# gasoline
Oil: Special oil for two-stroke
Fuel/Oil Mixing Ratio: 40:1
Start mode: electric start
Cooling method: water cooling + electronic fan