Volansi launched long-distance fixed-wing VTOL

long distance fixed wing VTOL

Volansi, based in San Francisco is a manufacturer of autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drones, has introduced its new hybrid VTOL VOLY 50 designed for long-distance transportation payloads. 

The new fixed-wing vtol VOLY 50 can fly for up to eight hours at high speeds of 70 miles per hour, and VOLY50 need limited takeoff ground and no infrastructure. VOLY 50 drones are manufactured with redundant lift motors and a modular, plug-and-play architecture, enabling for speedy and precise field assembly with 5 minutes 

According to Volansi, the VOLY 50 series was designed to satisfy the stringent needs of enterprises flying drones from or to distant regions. They also suit military clients' needs for versatile aerial logistics vehicles with a compact footprint. 

The new generation fixed-wing hybrid vtol is easily adaptable to hauling commercial items as well as the technology required for private security and military forces clients' intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications. "

The initial run of gasoline-powered VOLY 50s fly in a fixed-wing, pusher-driven forward flying mode. According to Volansi, future versions will allow customers to choose between heavy-fuel – JP5/JP8/Kerosene – or gasoline engines, The VOLY 50 was designed with the flexibility to meet the growing demand for rapid delivery of critical assets as well as to conduct ISR missions using a small operational footprint, With its long-haul capability and modular design, the VOLY 50 filling the gap where traditional delivery mechanisms were unable to achieve the mission.

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