UAV air carrier

On March 20, 2021, at an airport in the west, the verification and delivery of the "bee colony unmanned child-mother system" technology was carried out. The "unmanned flying mother aircraft" for this mission can carry 9 mission sub-machines, and after arriving in the airspace of the mission point in a strong confrontation environment, it will open the cabin and spread 9 swarm drones.

The "Swarm Unmanned Child-Mother System" has the advantages of flexible mode, safety and efficiency, task self-organization, and convenient operation, which can meet the requirements of use in complex combat environments. The "child aircraft" is accurately launched by the "parent aircraft" platform, and can complete diversified combat missions such as reconnaissance, early warning, interference, attack, and evaluation.

Relying on the strong technical strength in the field of military drones, it has realized the folding high-density mounting, and the small drones are folded and packed densely; after the mother aircraft arrives at the mission point, the cabin is opened for broadcasting, and the swarm drone units are released in time. Ensure that the spreading speed, direction, attitude, separation distance, etc. meet the needs of cluster spreading. The flight base aircraft carried 9 mission sub-machines, verified a variety of typical mission processes, and formed six related patent achievements, successfully completing related technical research and product delivery.

The US military successfully used three F-18 "Hornet" fighter jets to release as many as 103 "Hornet" miniature reconnaissance drone "Swarm" in the air. Although Zhongtianfeilong's drone can only carry 9 mission sub-machines this time. But it is more concealed, and the cost is much cheaper than manned fighters.

The bee colony unmanned cluster system has many characteristics in national defense applications:
1) Distributed approach and reconnaissance of targets in a strong confrontation environment.

2) Improve the approach and interference methods in the electronic offensive system to ensure the safety of our troops.

3) Enrich the combat style of Army UAVs, expand the combat range, and build a new type of integrated combat method for swarms of distributed observation and combat. 

FlyDragon FD180P VTOL UAV air carrier



Body length




Maximum takeoff weight


Maximum payload




Flight radius


(depending on the amount of oil loaded)

Maximum control distance

Remote control (manual control): 1km

Ground station control (depending on the distance of the digital transmission): 30km standard

Maximum speed


Cruising speed


Maximum oil load


Lift limit


Maximum wind resistance

12m/s(6 level winds)

Use environment

-10+45; anti-light rain

Vertical takeoff and landing

32*8000mAh-6S Li battery

Takeoff and landing mode

Vertical takeoff and landing