Volansi announces delivery of cargo drones in the U.S.

Volansi, a cargo drone delivery service provider based in California USA, is developing autonomous vertical unmanned aircraft. The company announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to start a commercial, mid-mile drive in North Carolina. Drone delivery project.

 Volansi and the North Carolina Department of Transportation will work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to collect data on drone delivery projects and how to incorporate them into current transportation infrastructure and regulations in the long term.

"We are very pleased to have this opportunity to work closely with the FAA and NC Department of Transportation to help shape how drones fit into our country's infrastructure," said Hannan Pavizian, the CEO and co-founder of Volansi. Founder. "We believe that one day, automatic flight will be as common and convenient as mailing a letter, and Volansi technology will play a key role in this transportation revolution."

Volansi will initially perform tests and VLOS cargo flights in accordance with Part 107, which is part of the North Carolina UAS Integrated Pilot Program (IPP), which aims to expand to more projects and obtain support from the North Carolina Department of Transportation Additional exemptions and permits and FAA.

The project will initially use VOLY C10-Gen 2, which is Volansi's all-electric, hybrid vertical take-off fixed-wing UAV. This allows Volansi's UAVs to complete complex two-way missions with minimal infrastructure requirements. Since drones fully land at the delivery point, they can deliver and return cargo, such as samples for analysis and diagnosis, or parts for repairs.

This kind of drone can fly automatically, can carry up to 10 pounds of cargo, and fly over 50 miles. Volansi's award-winning internal flight operations team is responsible for all operations of VOLY C10, providing customers with end-to-end delivery services. The VOLY C10 aircraft has already performed missions in Africa, the Caribbean and the United States.

Great shark electric VTOL  delivert drone2 Hours Endurance payload2kg 

VTOL KIT 320 Fixed wing frame Electric Powered 2 Hours Endurance UAV Aerial Video Surveillance 3D Survey Mapping Drone building

MTOW 20.3kg
Weight w/o battery and payload 9.69kg
Wingspan 3200 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Height 500 mm
Frame weight 3.2kg
Max payload(battery included) 10.61kg
Battery weight 7.53kg
Endurance(20.3kg take-off weight) 2.5 hours
Cruise speed 78-90km/h
Max speed 100km/h
Stall speed 57.6km/h


Recommended Set-up:

4 x T-motor MN605S 210KV
4 x Hobbywing 12S 80A ESC
2 x 2266 CF Propeller CW&CCW
1 x Hobbywing 12S 120A ESC
1 x Dualsky XM6360EA-22 KV190
1 x Wood 19*12 Propeller CW
4 x KST DS135MG Servo
1 x PX4 Air Speedometer
1 x Power Module For Pixhawk 2.1
1 x Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set with Here 2 GNSS
1 x YR16S Radio Controller
2 x 6S 28000mAh NCR18650GA battery
2 x TATTU 6S 8000mAh 25C Lipo battery