Yamaha Motor Launches NEW Unmanned HelicopterProvides Even Greater Spraying Accuracy

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will launch the 2018 FAZER R agricultural high-end industrial-use unmanned helicopter from December 1.

The FAZER R features the new “Turn Assistance” function as standard equipment to improve controllability and spraying performance by turning to maintain fixed spraying spacings, holding evenly-spaced flying paths, and maintaining flying speed. Operated simply by turning the spraying switch on and off, this function enables further improvement in spraying accuracy without relying on individual flying skill.
First launched in November 2016, the FAZER R features a class-leading maximum 32 L agrochemicals payload, allowing the spraying of approx. 4 hectares without reloading chemicals or refueling. This updated 2018 model retains the strong base functionality of the original, with easier operation and further improvements in spraying accuracy.
The new FAZER R will be exhibited at the 4th Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo to be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba from October 11 to 13.

2018 FAZER R Features/Benefits

1) Easier operation and further increased spraying accuracy with the new “Turn Assistance” function
2) Reduced operator burden and fatigue

Continued Features/Benefits

1) Powerful horizontally-opposed 2-cylinder fuel-injected engine (20.6 kW)
2) 3D airfoil-shaped tail rotor design developed with technical guidance from JAXA
(Reduced energy loss during flight through improved aerodynamic characteristics)
3) 32 L capacity tank
4) 10 selectable control frequencies (reduces frequency cross-overs)

model picmodel pic

Development Aims and Benefits

The “Turn Assistance” function was developed with the aim of increasing the functionality of industrial-use unmanned helicopters, and specifically to address the issues of (1) further increased spraying accuracy and (2) reducing operator burden and fatigue. The system makes use of GPS and gyroscope assistance to calculate the helicopter’s speed and distance, enabling turning to maintain fixed spraying spacings, holding evenly-spaced flying paths, and maintaining flying speed.

When spraying agrochemicals with unmanned helicopters, the operator has previously had to walk along farm roads or paths between rice paddies, measuring the spraying spacing by pacing it out as they walk, controlling the helicopter while taking care of safety around them. In addition, significant operational experience was required to control the helicopter on fixed spraying spacings - to maintain parallel tracks in order to ensure consistent spraying accuracy - through visual estimation and communication with a navigator as the aircraft flies up to 150 m away. The “Turn Assistance” function provides a practical solution to such issues faced in the field.

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