Yamaha to launch YMR-01 multi-rotor drone in 2018

Yamaha announced today that it will show a new prototype industrial multi-rotor YMR-01 industrial drone at tomorrow's Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo. The new Yamaha drone is just one of many new drones aimed at the Japanese agricultural industry that agricultural helicopter for sale will be launched at the expo, but it is somewhat of a landmark in that it is the first multicopter to be shown by Yamaha.

Yamaha first agricultural helicopter for sale began in 1989 and its share of the marketplace for spraying agricultural chemicals covers 42.5 percent of rice paddy cultivation in Japan, and its unmanned agricultural helicopters are being used in Korea, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Yamaha's unmanned helicopters have now been engaged spraying agrochemicals since 1989, and Yamaha helicopters now spray...

Though the tried-and-true Yamaha Fazer unmanned helicopter has been under development for three decades, the massive competition from alternative manufacturers in the last few years is obviously driving innovation still faster within Yamaha and the YMR-01multicopter is obviously designed to create a buffer to the new competitors, which are headed by China's DJI that's claiming a 70 percent share of the world drone market.

First launched in November 2016, the FAZER R features a class-leading maximum 32 liter agrochemical payload,...

The JPY12.852 million (US$115,000) FAZER R pictured above is capable of carrying a 32 kg payload and can spray four hectares of agricultural land per flight, but it is a far more capable aircraft that can be retasked with different payloads for many duties thanks to its sophisticated flight control systems.

Yamaha will exhibit the YMR-01 prototype industrial multi-rotor drone at the 4th Next Generation Agriculture Expo...

The new lightweight carbon YMR-01 offers a more cost-efficient purpose-built solution for farmers and can spray one hectare per flight with a spraying quality comparable to the FAZER R.

Yamaha has achieved this spraying consistency by using a layout in which two of the six rotor axes use coaxial rotors, and then placing the spraying nozzles for the agrochemicals near the coaxial rotors.

The 2018 Yamaha Water Strider unmanned boat is built specifically for remotely controlled herbicide spraying in...

Yamaha also today showed the 2018 model of its WaterStrider unmanned boat which is designed for remotely controlled herbicide spraying work in rice paddies.

6 rotors plant protection UAV 16KGS agriculture sprayer

Intelligent Agriculture is the trend of all over the world. And the intelligent drone act as a important role in this world plan.

Agriculture spraying drone can replace the traditional pesticide sprayer and it's speed is 40times of the traditional sprayer. It will save 90% water and 30%-40% pesticide. Small droplet diameter make the pesticide more well-distribute and improve the effect. At the same time, it will make the people faraway from the pesticide and reduce the pesticide remain of the crop.