agricultural spraying drone used for jasmine field spraying pesticides and fertilizers

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A group of professors and students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Benaliyah, used agricultural spraying drone technology to spray pesticides and fertilizers on a field of jasmine flowers. The team conducted multiple field tests. Research has shown that drones in agriculture are beneficial for targeted pesticide treatment of jasmine leaves. Compared to manual spraying, agricultural spraying drone  eliminates labor issues while also reducing cost and time.

Indian farmer Krishnamoorthy said smallholders with acres of land were affected by the high cost of labor and manual spraying. "The amount of pesticide used by drone spraying was reduced by 300 milliliters per acre compared to conventional spraying, And the price of agricultural spraying drone  is much cheaper than traditional large agricultural machinery" he said.

Spraying pesticides and fertilizers with drones is also suitable for crops such as sugarcane, cotton, rice, and vegetables, according to a team member of the institute. Agricultural drones will help farmers solve the prominent problems of labor shortages and inefficiencies.

In addition, farmers' health is often affected by inhaling harmful fertilizers during manual spraying, but these problems can be avoided by using agricultural drones.