How to celebration for spraying drone before takes off?

In order to ensure flight safety and improve flight efficiency, calibration of drone is one of the necessary preparations before takeoff. so today we will introduce to you what steps are required for the calibration of spraying drones before takeoff.

ESC calibration

Note: Before calibrating the ESC, be sure to remove the propeller! !

1) Push the throttle stick to the highest position, the LED lights indicate the current GPS status and flight status

2) CH5 (mode channel) quickly switches between the lowest and highest positions 5-6 times, the LED light turns to steady red

3) Keep the throttle position unchanged, disconnect the main power supply, and then re-energize, the LED light flashes red, green and blue alternately

4) Power on for about 0.5 seconds, you will hear two beeps of the motor; then within 2 seconds, pull the throttle stick to the lowest position, the LED light flashes red and blue alternately, it enters the normal indication; after the correct calibration is completed and unlocked, The motors will idle in sequence.

Horizontal calibration

1) Before the first test flight, place the aircraft on a level ground, perform the outer eight-character lock action, and keep it for more than 10 seconds

2) The blue and green lights of the LIU are on and flashing alternately. At this time, you can release the remote control lever.

3) About 10 seconds later, the LIU turns to a single blue indicator flashing, about 15 seconds later, the LIU flashes normally, indicating that the calibration is successful.

Compass calibration

1) Push the throttle stick to the lowest position

2) Quickly switch the CH5 switch between the lowest position and the highest position for about 6~10 times, until the status indicator blue light is on

3) Place the nose of the aircraft forward and horizontally, and then slowly rotate it clockwise at least one turn until the status indicator light stays green

4) Turn the aircraft's nose down and the fuselage vertical, and then slowly rotate it clockwise at least one turn until the status indicator light is steady white.