5-minute drone fast charging technology

The Israeli StoreDot company is now applying fast charging technology (UFC) to the field of drones and has achieved the goal of fully charging commercial drones within 5 minutes.

Currently, commercial drone charging usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. After being fully charged, the flight time is only about 30 minutes, resulting in the drone's charging process much longer than the operating time.

Not only that, the current solution is simply to purchase additional batteries and replace them in time between flights. This process is not only expensive, but also offsets the autonomous operation advantages of drones.

UFC technology can use the valuable flight time of drones to perform tasks, and it can also enable drone users to expand their business to areas that were previously unavailable. These will greatly improve operational efficiency and profitability, making commercial drones more valuable than ever.

In addition to cooperating with strategic partners BP, Daimler, TDK and EVE Energy, the company is currently working to achieve its next milestone in electric vehicles by the end of 2021-charging four-wheel passenger vehicles for 5 minutes.

StoreDot's patented compounds are combined with nanomaterials, replacing known materials and processes with enhanced electrochemical performance, and optimized for ultra-high-speed charging of electric vehicles, mobile phone charging banks and commercial drones.