Drones inspection for mines

1. The application of drones in the mining inspection

China has a wide range, changeable topography, complex geological conditions, and abundant mineral resources that pose great challenges to the supervision and management of relevant state departments. Existing unlicensed prospecting and mining, indiscriminate mining, illegal transfer of prospecting rights and mining rights, waste of resources and environmental damage caused by extensive management, effectively protect and rationally develop mineral resources, and promote sustainable economic and social development. Traditional monitoring and management methods are mostly based on field surveying and manual calculation. Although remote sensing satellites provide image data, they also have low resolution and it is difficult to accurately obtain the actual situation of the mining area. It is difficult to monitor and manage key areas with high precision and high frequency. .

1.1 Advantages of drones in the mining industry. In recent years, drones have made initial developments in mining management. Various equipment for measurement and the accuracy of equipment have been rapidly improved, and remote measurement data The continuous improvement of temporal and spatial resolution also provides technical support for the continuous improvement of regulatory technology. However, in the process of using remote sensing technology for measurement, it is easily affected by geographical location, especially when encountering densely forested protected areas and cloudy and foggy mountain areas, which can cause the quality rate of satellite imaging technology to decrease. But this does not have much impact on UAVs. This is because the application of UAV telemetry technology telemetry equipment is very flexible. It does not require a large area during take-off and landing, and it is easy to carry. The process is safe and reliable, and can continue to work; and the altitude of the drone flight is generally lower than the cloud layer, which has a unique advantage in the process of collecting local information. The use of drones for water and soil conservation supervision and management, with the support of specific software, can realize automatic and highly accurate data processing, and effectively splicing with aerial photography technology.

2.1.1 Automated processing. The last desired data can be obtained in the process of data acquisition using the UAV telemetry system, because this system can realize the automatic processing of data and has high calculation accuracy, mainly because the system can Automatic correction of various indexes and various work equipments of aerial photography, so as to provide the possibility for subsequent accuracy measurement and calculation. In the research process of this system, there is no need to change the attitude information of the flight in any form. It only needs to activate the GPS information system on the ground during the aerial photography, and the operator can process the results of the aerial photography in time according to the positioning system. Finally, the acquired data is converted into DOM and DEM data that can be read. In such an environment, some files that can be read and identified can be provided to form a perfect connection with the measurement software.

2.1.2 The results obtained are very comprehensive ①Using the UAV telemetry system for monitoring and research can automatically generate a kind of tile from the obtained information, and this tile can cut the DOM file to form a kind of data that can be used with Google Earth. The result of browsing the cut files; ②The software can also integrate effective information to form a three-dimensional model with better texture information, which can effectively provide convenience for the production of three-dimensional landscapes, compared with the traditional three-dimensional Modeling method, this method has obvious advantages in terms of output speed and data accuracy; ③This method can automatically correct the results after the results are obtained, and can also automatically divide the image into color areas. This can prevent the viewing angle from being distorted and form a good satellite remote sensing image; ④The system also has automatic terrain analysis software, that is, DSM models can be effectively formed, so that standard GIS software can be used to The slope and distance of the terrain area are measured to obtain the corresponding contour.

 2.1.3 Higher spatial resolution The method used in the data collection and calculation process of the UAV telemetry system is to automatically calibrate the information of the regional network according to the content of the image and adopt the unique air triple algorithm and optimization technology. , And then output the obtained data and other information in a standardized format, which perfectly combines photography and survey engineering. No additional positioning software is required during the measurement process, because the built-in GPS system can accurately calculate the geographic location. If there is a higher requirement for accuracy during the measurement process, you can add some control points at any time to change these The value of the control point participates in the calculation of the space three. After calculation, it can be found that the method can control the ratio of the contour line to 1:500, which greatly improves the spatial resolution efficiency. this

2.1.4 Three-dimensional model can be measured Coordinates, distance, area and volume can be measured by using the results of three-dimensional real scene model processed by UAV telemetry system.

2.1.5 Has a high response speed. UAV telemetry technology can achieve rapid data collection and processing, because this system has an efficient processing mode, and the collected data can be processed in just a few hours. Inlay and DEM processing, and this fast processing mode requires a low hardware configuration, which can run on an ordinary notebook, which improves the convenience of use.

Second, the application of drones in the mining industry

3.1 Application in the investigation of the development of mineral resources: Due to the scattered distribution of mining areas, in order to better manage and control the mining areas, it is very important to obtain the mining location, the area occupied, and the type of land used.

Take the Hongshan granite mine as an example. Due to years of unreasonable mining and even digging, the mining area is spread over the entire Hongshan mountain, and there are not enough images or model data of the mining area for overall analysis and future planning and layout. The drone can obtain first-hand observation data, obtain first-hand data for the mining area, and draw remote sensing maps and three-dimensional models of the mining area.

3.2 Application in the investigation of disasters caused by the development of mineral resources

In the process of mining minerals, some disasters will be caused, including the range of ground subsidence, the length of ground fissures, the location of collapse pits, the range of mountain subsidence (collapse), the location of collapse, the location and volume of landslides, the length (location) of river channel siltation and coal fields ( Natural gangue piles, tailings ponds, etc. Analyzing the mine through the model can avoid some disaster risks in time.

3.3 Application in the survey of ecological environment information in mines: Because of the area of damaged land, the area of damaged vegetation, the area of water pollution, the area of desertification, the effect of land reclamation and mine environmental governance, digital mines, etc. For long-term management of unmined or abandoned soil and rock, the use of drone tilt photography 3D modeling can easily analyze, manage and backfill the situation of the quarry. Accurately measure the area, volume, slope and other information of the three-dimensional model of the quarry under the three-dimensional model. At the same time, it can accurately calculate the amount of backfilled earthwork, providing accurate data for the intelligent management of the quarry.

VTOL KIT 320 Fixed wing for mines inspection

MTOW:    20.3kg

Weight w/o battery and payload:    9.69kg

Wingspan: 3200 mm

Length:    1,200 mm

Height:     500 mm

Frame weight:         3.2kg

Max payload:   3kg

Endurance:  3kg payload 2.5 hours

           2kg Payload 3 hours

Cruise speed    78-90km/h

Max speed       100km/h