drone spray machine price is lower than helicoper for agriculture

FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture price $12,680

The height of sugarcane plants can reach 3 to 7 meters, and ground equipment such as tractors are not suitable. Knapsack sprayers can be used but this is likely to expose workers to direct exposure to chemicals causing poisoning. However, the price of helicopters is too expensive, so the emergence of cheap drone spray machine has changed the traditional way of spraying sugarcane.

YAMAHA helicopter for agriculture price-$115,000
Seafield Farms in the southern region of the Central Region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, has successfully completed a trial of drones for crop spraying in selected areas of its sugarcane farms, giving new life to the country's flagging sugarcane industry.

Ripening refers to the process of using chemical ripeners to increase the sucrose content of sugarcane plants, usually six to nine weeks before harvest. Ripening applications have been widely used as routine management and have proven effective in improving sugarcane quality and sugar production.

During the trial, different fields on the Seafield farm were selected, each divided into two areas ranging from 1 to 5 hectares, allocated to different ripener applications. This is the first commercial ripening trial to compare the efficacy of drones and helicopters.

After a new round of spraying tests, helicopters are clearly working more efficiently than drones, but drones with precise spraying capabilities can address the increased pressure to use fewer chemicals while reducing labor usage to address issues related to job quality Disproportionate rise in labor costs.

Moreover, the price of drone spray machine is obviously much lower than helicopters. For example, the price of a 16L agricultural drone of Flydragon Dragon is only 6,000 US dollars, but the price of a helicopter for agricultural spraying is hundreds of thousands of US dollars.