hydrogen-power long endurance multi-rotor drone

hydrogen power multi rotor drone

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has independently developed a hydrogen power 20kg multi-rotor drone-AR20 for security surveillance, border patrol and counter-terrorism missions. In a statement released Thursday, the institute said the plane replaced traditional lithium-ion batteries and gasoline with hydrogen.

On March 13, the AR20 multi-rotor drone was equipped with a 12L 35 MPa hydrogen-powered battery gas cylinder instead of the traditional lithium battery, with a 5kg battery life for three hours and 12 minutes. The flight test proved that the agile, altitude-operable light UAV has greatly extended the battery life due to the new energy battery.

This test flight shows that the output of the hydrogen-powered battery can meet the flight requirements of the AR-20, and can greatly extend the endurance of the UAV. It also brings important value to the application of the AR-20 in the military and civilian fields. According to the statement, as its own capabilities.

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