Quaternium’s HYBRiX.20 long endurance hybrid agriculture drone

As drones in agriculture become more popular, farmers seek the best options to perform their job efficiently, improve crop profit, and save time.  but battery flight time is a big problem for agriculture drone, Quaternium expects to redefine those limits with the HYBRiX.20, the first hybrid agriclture drone.

Designed for surveillance, fast response, inspection, mining, mapping, and agriculture, the HYBRiX combines batteries and fuel to maximize power and efficiency. With this, the drone enables 2 hours of continuous aerial operation with maximum payload even in adverse weather conditions. By having a built-in capacity of 5 liters of fuel, which enables operators to stay in the air longer without having to wait for a lengthy recharge time. In addition, the HYBRiX features removable arms for easy transportation and fast deployment.

A recent application of the HYBRiX drone was at an Orange farm near Valencia, Spain. Apart from livestock and crop’s health monitoring, estimating soil conditions, planting future crops, and fighting infections and pests, one of the topics gaining traction in agriculture is the use of drones to spray fertilizer over fields. The propulsion system of the HYBRiX allows the aircraft to carry up to 10 liters of liquid with a maximum takeoff weight of 25 kg. In combination with the 2 to 4 hours flight time, farmers can cover larger acres of land in the shortest amount of time.

“I am really glad to see that the entire spraying process in my orange fields only took about 6 hours,” said Pedro Andreu (Pere) the owner of the farm. “With other drones, we had to spend multiple hours waiting for batteries to charge and days to finish the work.”

Currently, Quaternium is improving this technology to extend crop protection across the country so that farmers can benefit from the outcome to make their work more efficient.

FlyDragon Hybrid 16L Spraying Drone

Hybrid Crop Spraying Drone drone with 16L tank Quadcopter Drone long endurance spraying drone for agriculture

FlyDragon FD-416 Hybrid Crop Spraying Drone features a gasoline + electric power system with great flight times and easy maintenance! This hybrid drone for crop spraying is portable thanks to folding arms and the modular design. The FD-416 crop dusting UAV can be used for any spraying missions – use it for agricultural, solar panel cleaning, roof spraying and anything else where a spraying drone would save you time and money! The FD-416 crop sprayer Hybrid is perfect for customers who don’t want to deal with battery charging or storage. This spraying UAV is also a great candidate for extreme cold or hot climates where drone batteries suffer.

Using drones for agriculture increases the precision and efficiency with which farmers can work, and makes it easier to make informed land management decisions. Drones can be deployed for a wide variety of tasks, including monitoring of livestock and the health of crops, estimation of soil conditions, planting of future crops, and countering infections and pests.

This powerful propulsion system allows the UAV to carry up to 16 litres of liquid in total (including the fertilizer), with a maximum takeoff weight of 40 kg. The drone can therefore operate for longer and cover more farmland in a single flight, without the need for farmers to take heavy batteries out into the field.

Product description
Number of axes:4 axis
Wheelbase: 1500mm
Power : 6000w Hybrid power
Medicine box vol1ume:max 16L
Fuel tank capacity : max 3.5L
Hybrid model: FL6000W
Full load flight time: 45 minutes
1. Full load takeof weight: 40KG
2. Frame weight: 4.45KG
3. Hybrid powver weight: 7.2KG
4. Flight power system assembly weight: 4 * 1.65KG
5. Medicine bax weight: 1.5KG;
6. Fuel tank weight: 0.56KG