Spraying from the air on show in UK drone demonstrations

Aerial crop spraying could make things easier for farmers, and the first moves towards it becoming more widespread are happening this week at the Cereals event which started yesterday in Lincolnshire in England.

The Crop Angel spraying drones are being demonstrated at the two-day event, which concludes this evening.

Existing UK legislation does not permit use of sprayer drones in UK airspace without special permission, but the Crop Angel company is working to be the first to attain this status, and to offer crop spraying drones.

A specialist in delivery of agricultural services using UAV (drone) technology, they are working in conjunction with research partners and the required authorities to ensure safe and beneficial deployment of this precision technology for farmers and growers.

They intend to offer aerial applicator drone services such as bracken control; amenity area management (for example, parks, golf courses); fruit and vegetable crop protection; and spot spraying for weed problems such as black grass.