Demand for agriculture and forestry plant spraying is urgent. Drone sprayer for corp are beginning to emerge.

Due to the special nature of agricultural and forestry plant protection drones, it is more difficult to promote enterprises alone, but its broad application prospects are worth investing. Therefore, the government should properly guide and support the research, development and promotion of agricultural and forestry plant protection drones. The flight platform of the agricultural and forestry plant protection drone can be based on the existing drones. The market base in this area is relatively deep. The main need to do is to transform and improve the existing UAVs for agriculture and forestry operations.

There are many hills in the south, and there are a large number of cultivated land tops that are not suitable for large-scale ground machinery and aviation machinery operations such as small plots and terraces. Due to the economy, safety and ease of operation of agricultural and forestry plant protection drones, drones are undoubtedly a good one. The solution is to use a super low-altitude small-scale agricultural and forestry plant protection drone for sowing, spraying and fertilizing is a scientific and safe plant protection method.

A small drone can load 10 kilograms of pesticides, spray pesticides at low altitudes, spray one acre of land in one minute, and spray 10-20 acres of land at a time. The spraying efficiency is more than 30 times that of traditional labor. At the same time, it has low working height, less drift, wind-resistant six-level, can hover in the air, and the downward airflow generated by the rotor helps to increase the penetration of the mist flow to the crop. The control effect is higher than that of the ground plant protection machinery. The man-machine adopts intelligent control, which does not need special take-off and landing airport, remote control operation in the middle and long distance, and improve the personal safety of workers' spraying operations. At the same time, this type of drone is easy to learn, greatly reducing the threshold for farmers to learn and use, and can be widely managed and promoted as ordinary agricultural machinery.