Plant protection by drone flying defense is a good start for modern agriculture in China

Recently, the plant protection group is full of experienced flying pilot, hoping to go to work all over the country. Among them, there are many orders in the northeast and Xinjiang, and the enthusiasm of the flying hand is also high. The reason is nothing more than the two mechanization of agriculture. The degree is high, the land is flat and contiguous, and the operation is difficult.

However, the plant protection drone can not go to the land to work, now almost all the country is trying to use the plant protection drone spray, how to spray the drug to become the primary problem to be solved by the flight defense team. Wang Jianwo, chairman of the Hunan Unified Defense Alliance, recently exchanged views with the flight defense team in the northeast. This article was compiled based on his speech at the exchange meeting to see the concept of "four three four" proposed by Wang Jianwo. How to solve the problem of spraying medicine.

Northeast China's vast land and natural resources, is an important grain-producing region in China, especially rice production plays a decisive role in the country. The northeast land is contiguous and suitable for flight defense development. In fact, the northeast has a good foundation for flying defense. At the end of the last century, general aviation flight defense operations have developed.

With the acceleration of urbanization construction, the acceleration of land circulation, and the transfer of rural labor to cities, who will plant the fields in the future and who can plant the fields will become a social concern, and it will be very prominent in the Northeast.

In the process of realizing agricultural modernization, agronomy and agricultural technology have come to the forefront. The difficulty is to modernize agricultural machinery. Plant protection and flying defense, which has been gradually warming up in recent years, is a good start for modern agriculture in China, because it will replace Chinese agriculture with “rotating tillers instead of cattle, transplanting machines instead of manuals, harvesters instead of sickles and dryers. After the sun-baked field, there will be another qualitative leap. In order to promote the development of China's plant protection and flight prevention business, promote the transformation of plant protection and maintenance drones to the application of agricultural plant protection, and further meet the needs of modern agricultural mechanization, it is of great significance to strengthen the scientific popularization of plant protection drones.

Plant protection drones have the advantages of high work efficiency, high safety, safe water-saving and environmental protection, irreplaceable labor, good control effect, night operation, accurate operation, group anti-group control, etc. The rigid demand for anti-marketing will increase. Flying defense has positive practical significance for promoting the development of Northeastern agriculture, and its development prospects are very broad.

Plant protection and flying defense is a new thing. It can be described as “there is no ancient people, but there are those who come later”. At present, it is still in the initial stage of development, and it is necessary to establish a scientific management and operation mode. The practice experience of Hunan Provincial Crop Disease and Insect Specialized Prevention Association and Hunan Zhonghangfei Agricultural Machinery Cooperative has proved that only people (manager, flying hand)-machine (plant protection drone)-agent (pharmaceutical, auxiliary)-technology The deep integration of (solution) can promote the plant protection and flight prevention business from scratch, step by step to maturity.

The plant protection drone is not a tall thing, just a flying sprayer, not only a simple flying problem, but also the plant protection effect. The nature of the decision is human, the same drone, the same pharmacy and auxiliaries, the same solution, different flight defense service teams, there will be different effects, because the effect is directly related to human factors.

The drone that is not capable of flying is the plant protection drone, and the drone that can spray the liquid is the plant protection drone. Guided by the results of plant protection applications, the drone that uses the combination of nozzles, spray systems, aircraft and its own wind field (downpressing airflow) for plant protection operations is called plant protection drone. Therefore, the plant protection drone can not only fly, but also be able to replace the sprayer.

Not all pharmacies are suitable for flying defense operations, not only for dosage forms, but also for special processing techniques. If the plant protection machine is like a gun, the pharmacy and auxiliaries are bullets. To play the role of advanced plant protection weapons, it is necessary to adhere to the combination of guns and bombs, the simultaneous development of guns and bullets, and the indispensable ones.

Efficient large and medium-sized plant protection machinery to replace low-efficiency small-scale plant protection machinery is the general trend, and there is a great space for promoting efficient plant protection machinery to improve the utilization rate of pesticides. The development of the plant protection flight prevention business requires special pharmacies to escort. In the case of the current lack of flying anti-agents, in order to solve the problem of the effect of flying defense, it is necessary to select a flying anti-agent with excellent performance.

In order to achieve healthy and sustainable development, the plant protection and flight prevention business must adhere to the “three-effect unity” of effectiveness, efficiency and efficiency, and the effect will always be the first. Plant protection flying defense only speaks with effects. Only by letting the people recognize, believe, and trust can they fly out of a new world.

The effects, efficiency, and efficiency have always been the goals pursued by the company. The three have connections and differences.

The effect is the outcome and outcome of an activity. It is the result of a person's purpose through certain behaviors, strengths, methods or factors. The effect usually means doing the right thing, that is, the work and activities performed help the organization to achieve its goals.

Efficiency means getting as much output as possible with as little investment as possible. Efficiency usually refers to doing things right, that is, not wasting resources. But efficiency alone is not enough. You must pay attention to the effect, that is, complete the activity in order to achieve the organization's goals.

Benefits are the actual effects and benefits of a particular system after it has been operational. Specifically, it reflects the relationship between people's input and the benefits they bring, including economic and social benefits.

Among the effects, efficiency, and benefits, the effect is the foundation and the key. There is no small matter in plant protection and flying, and it is always necessary to use your heart. If there is no effect, flying defense is to hurt the people and the people, that is, harming others, is to play tricks.

Only by ensuring the effectiveness of prevention and control can the economic benefits be improved by improving operational efficiency.

At present, some plant protection and flight defense teams are unilaterally pursuing operational efficiency, expanding the spray width by increasing the flying height, resulting in leakage spray and chemical liquid drift; expanding the single voyage working area by reducing water consumption, resulting in insufficient control target dose; The flight speed increases the efficiency of the work, resulting in uneven control of the target. These self-made actions are extremely undesirable.

Based on our experience, we recommend this in the southern rice region:

The amount of liquid used in the mu is not less than 1 liter, the flying height is not higher than 1 meter, and the flying speed is not more than 5 meters/second;

When flying herbicides and drill-bit pests, the amount of liquid used in mu is not less than 2 liters;

When the density of the insect population is large and the disease index is high, the amount of the liquid used in the mu is not less than 1.5 liters.

The first is organizational management. In the future, plant protection flight defense must be a team that achieves organizational management, rather than a small-scale drug fight team. Organizational management refers to the process of effectively achieving organizational goals by establishing an organizational structure to define duties or positions, and clarifying the relationship of authority and responsibility. First, determine the activities required to achieve organizational goals, and classify according to the principle of specialized division of labor, and establish corresponding jobs according to categories; second, divide the work departments according to the characteristics of the organization, the external environment and target needs, and design the organization And structure; third, stipulate various positions or positions in the organizational structure, clarify their respective responsibilities, and grant corresponding powers; Fourth, formulate rules and regulations, establish and improve the interrelationship between the various aspects of the organizational structure. According to institutional economics, "dao" is the ideal and "device" is the system; the policy of enterprise management is institutionalized, and operability management can be implemented.

The second is specialized services. The so-called specialization should meet the following basic conditions: first, the scope is clear, monopolistic work is indispensable for the society; second, the use of highly rational technology; third, the need for long-term professional education; fourth, practitioners Individuals and collectives have extensive self-discipline; fifth, within the scope of professional self-discipline, they are directly responsible for making judgments and taking actions; sixth, with service as motivation; and seventh, with an ethics program that is concretely applied. Plant protection is an indispensable part of the management process of agricultural management. Plant protection and flying defense must understand flying anti-agents, additives, plant protection technology, water and fertilizer management, etc. We propose professional professional work.

The third is branding. To build a brand of flying defense service, not to mention the industry's signboards, not to mention their own signboards, this is the basis for the development of plant protection and health. Branding is the process of operating a brand, building a well-known brand, and ultimately gaining brand profits. The branding operation is ultimately the service market. As for the characteristics of the plant requirements for plant protection and flight defense services, specific market surveys are required for the service design and process requirements. Therefore, in the branding operation, we must first know that “the sharpening of the knife is not a mistake.” It is necessary to conduct in-depth, comprehensive, detailed and meticulous research on the market, collect relevant demand information, grasp important information and make scientific decisions accordingly. . The flight defense service organization should accurately grasp the market positioning according to its own advantages and characteristics, establish the image of plant protection flight defense service, and strive for a favorable market position.

The fourth is social development. Socialization is a process of transformation from a natural person to a social person. Everyone must be socialized to internalize their own social behavior norms and norms into their own standards of conduct. This is the basis of social interaction, and socialization is unique to human beings. The behavior can only be realized in human society, and socialization can promote the development of human society. Through the development of socialization, plant protection and flight prevention services are gradually developed. On the one hand, relying on government policy support, and vigorously developing socialized orders; on the other hand, we must strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the industry to achieve complementary resources sharing advantages.

Any new thing from the beginning to the maturity requires the cooperation of production, education and research. It needs to constantly discover problems, continuously improve and constantly improve. It needs communication, needs resources sharing, needs to develop and develop positive energy.

From the practical experience in recent years, it has been proved that the plant protection fly defense has certain advantages in terms of operation efficiency, control effect, improving pesticide utilization rate, reducing agricultural production cost, and reducing pesticide poisoning among operators.

In order to expand the application scope of plant protection drones, increase the utilization rate of plant protection drones, and increase the effective operation time of plant protection drones, in addition to spraying pesticides, it should also be used for sowing seeds, spreading fertilizers, pest and disease prediction and image transmission. The development of the field, to achieve a multi-purpose machine. In the future, the plant protection drone models will be diversified, and the application of plant protection drones will be diversified, and plant protection and flight defense will be standardized, precise and intelligent.

The application prospects of plant protection drones are broad, but the road is uneven and requires everyone to actively explore and practice hard.

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