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  • HX-850 industrial drone frame
HX-850 industrial drone frame

HX-850 industrial drone frame

  • Product description: HX-850 industrial drone frame is made of 3K carbon fiber integrated molding, payload 2kg fly 30 minutes with two units 6S 16000mah power battery.

drone kit for customize build your own drone for industrial HX-850

drone kit for customize building your own drone kit can be a fun and rewarding experience. It is a highly customization kit which comes disassembled with a lot of moving parts and you’ll have to assemble it according to your needs.  Drones have made a positive impact in different professional industries today. This is attributed to their user controlled capability, their ability to capture high quality videos and even transport huge payloads.  Today, drones have provided filming and aerial photography experts with a new perspective. Multi rotor drones can be fitted with 4K cameras which allow users to take overhead shots great for filming and aerial photography.Realtors have not been left behind when it comes to drones. They use them to conduct aerial photography of sprawling properties. This makes it easier to showcase the property to interested buyers plus it saves time. Surveyors and GIS experts are turning to drones to map different sections of the land. The images and video footage collected can be converted into 3D models, contour maps and others. They can be used by law enforcement agencies to provide risk free aerial surveillance. In wildlife sanctuaries, they provide surveillance of wild animals and present location of poachers.

The price is just for KIT, not include any electronics

drone kit

Body material:  3K carbon fiber integrated molding (vacuum autoclave process)
Aircraft deployment size:   1000mm*1000mm*440mm
Aircraft folding size:  400mm*430mm*440mm
Aircraft wheelbase:   850mm
Propeller:   21 inch composite carbon paddle
Power :  FOC integrated waterproof and dustproof power
Aircraft weight:   6.5kg (including 3.7kg battery)
Battery : two units 6S 16000mah power battery
Maximum load weight:   5kg
Landing gear:   quick release fixed or retractable landing gear
Endurance:   No load : ≥ 55 minutes   Load ≥ 2kg 30 minutes
Wind resistance level:  ≤6
Flying radius:   15km
Maximum flight speed :  ≤15m/s
Positioning accuracy Vertical direction: ±0.5m Horizontal direction: ±1.5m
Flight mode attitude flight, GPS flight, pointing flight, route mission flight

Recommend motor: DJI E2000 pro motor.