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  • Industrial Drone frame with rotor
Industrial Drone frame with rotor

Industrial Drone frame with rotor

  • Product description: Industrial Drone frame with rotor

Customize Industrial Drone frame with rotor, 1-2KGS payload for camera and other equipment.

Flight platform for customize industrial Specially designed  for industry applications.  with modular design concept, the main components can  be quickly disassembled and assembled, flexible and  multi-purpose, convenient for customized demand expansion, and the whole frame adopts dumb black coating, which shows  processional stability.

Foldable 3K Carbon Fiber Six rotor Drone Frame

3K carbon fiber cloth woven carbon fiber board with 3K hollow twill pure carbon fiber carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tube) CNC machining, design standards higher than similar products, the full set with rotor is only 3420 grams. Full folding design, installation designed for users with high portability requirements, the user can flexibly according to the weight of the loaded photographic equipment adjust the center of gravity.  1 KGS payload. Particularly suited to do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, aerial reconnaissance, fire observed explore life cable line patrol, farm monitoring, and other the mobile performance requirements equipment. You may need other for your other options and comparison.


*Japanese 3K carbon, CNC cutting

*Design standard is higher than most similar products of this range.

*Folding design, meet the needs of customers who *have high demand on portability.

*Bottom mounting gimbal design (gimbal not included), and position adjustable.

*Battery mounting position also adjustable, so you can adjust the whole system gravity easily.

*About 50% pre-assembled.

Suggested setting   (not included in the package):

5008 330KV motor + 40A ESC + 6S 16000mAh Li-Po battery + 17 inch propellers


Wheelbase: 960MM   Height: 400MM

Unfold size: 960*960*400MM   fold size: 960*260*400MM

Frame + motor Weight: 4.38KG

Supply voltage: 6S

Maximum takeoff weight:  7.9KG

Effective load: 1-2KGS

Motor: 5008 330KV

Propeller: 1760(17 inch) foldable nylon propeller

Battery: 16000 mAh 22.2V  weight: 2020g

Endurance: 30 minutes(without payload), 22 minuts (with payload)