Agriculture Drones send soap bubbles to help pollinate flowers

Robotic researchers at the University of Auckland are trying to develop a high-tech alternative: Using agriculture drones to blow soap bubbles to transport pollen to flowers is a "very cool" method. But some biologists are skeptical that drones can effectively replace bees.

It sounds a bit like fantasy, but the effective pollination of functional soap bubbles and ensuring the quality of fruits are the same as traditional hand pollination,” said Eijiro Miyako, an associate professor at the Institute of Advanced Science and Technology in Japan and the lead author of the research paper.

Researchers have been studying automatic bee robots and small drones to complete pollination. Miyako and colleagues had previously experimented with a toy drone, but they found that the drone has a tendency to harm flowers when it comes in contact with flowers. Soap bubbles represent a gentler solution to the problem.

The researchers first discovered that soap bubbles can indeed carry pollen. Then, they tested different foam formulations and determined that a compound that is sometimes used in shampoos, lauramidopropyl betain, is a good carrier.

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Number of axes:6 axis
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