FedEx completes first drone package in Ireland

[According to a report on the adsgroup website on October 4, 2021] 

FedEx announced that it has cooperated with the Future Mobile Campus Ireland (FMCI) aviation alliance to complete the last mile delivery flight of the first cargo drone flight in Ireland.

The delivery flight was carried out by Skyports, the world’s leading drone cargo operator, on behalf of the FMCI Aviation Alliance. Shannon Airport in County Clare delivered cargo to Foynes, Ireland’s second-largest port operator, conducted multiple test flights and is expected to shorten the delivery time to 13 minutes.

During the delivery flight, there was a comprehensive air traffic control service in the controlled airspace, which shows that the integration of manned aircraft and vertical take-off and landing drones at the same time is expected to become the norm, paving the way for more complex air traffic management the way. At the same time, it shows that BVLOS UAV cargo is gradually being incorporated into the global supply chain logistics.

FlyDragon FDG35 VTOL for drone package

VTOL V tail carry 7KGS Lidar endurance 140 minutes for surveillance

FDG35 VTOL V tail with vertical take-off and landing fixed wing, wingspan 3.5 meters,it iss electric version . This model combines the characteristics of long-endurance, high-speed and long-distance of fixed-wing UAVs and the vertical take-off and landing of rotor-wing drones. It does not require runway

1. Body material: carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, pvc interlayer, etc.
2. Body length: 1.88m
3. Wingspan: 3.5m
4. Landing gear height: 19.5cm
5. Landing gear installation position: below the rotor rod
6. Task compartment size: 350mm*318mm*200mm
7. Battery compartment size: can hold  2*32000mah at the same time
8. Position of mission compartment: directly below the center of gravity of the aircraft
9. Structure weight: about 9kg
10. Maximum take-off weight: less than 30kg
11. Maximum payload: 10kg 
12. Endurance time: 140min/5kg, 70min/10kg
13. Maximum control distance: manual control by remote control/1km, ground station/standard 30km
14. Standard cruising speed: 65km/h (about 18m/s)
15. Maximum cruising speed: 108km/h (30m/s)
16. Stall speed: 23m/s
17. Minimum circling radius: 150m
18. Maximum level flight limit: 5800m above sea level
19. Wind resistance of fixed-wing mode: no less than 6 wind
20. Maximum wind resistance in rotor take-off and landing mode: no less than class 4 wind (7.9m/s)
21. Operating environment: -20℃~45℃; can fly in light rain
22. Power battery: 2*32000mah
23. Rotor emergency operation time: not less than 6.5min
24. Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
25. Vertical power blade size: 26inches (recommended)
26. Fixed wing tail thruster blade: 24 inches (recommended)