Agriculture drone parts

Agriculture Drones can be used to optimize a farm based on a large range of image data about the condition of crops, fields and livestock as well as applying pesticides.

The average farm size for 2017 is 444 acres which frankly just takes time to monitor and check on – Source

High precision images of the crops that can help determine stress and growth levels driven by the emergence of cheap multi-spectral imaging cameras that can capture visible light (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) light reflected by crops.Farmers can use this data to integrate into smart irrigation systems as well as pesticide management

Agriculture drone Drones are an affordable investment when compared to most farm equipment. They can pay for themselves and start saving money within a single growing season. By generating accurate field data you can:

Get much higher resolution data (up to 16x than traditional satellite methods) of your crop conditions

Get a head's up on stressed areas, pest infestation, or if you have an irrigation leak anywhere.Get a true count of plant growth so you can purchase insurance, plan labor schedules and predict yields

Rotor based drones are by far the most popular type of agricultural UAVs for their ease of use, cost and flexibility. That being said fixed-wing drones excel in many areas. A good guide to help you make a decision on this can be found here.

The drones can be flown manually but these days almost everyone will use software to have the drone automatically fly and land and follow a particular route over your crop.

Parts of agriculture droen include drone frame, motors, battery, propellers, tank, esc, pump, flight controller etc.

parts of agriculture drone-spray system

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