Ambani and Adani are battle in civilian drone

civilian drone battle

Ambani, a local group company from India, and Adani Group, a joint Indian-Israeli joint venture, have always been rivals, and now the two companies are targeting another field - civilian drones.

Adani employs a strategy of scaling in all areas including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), services and analytics using cloud-based platforms. Adani aims to be the largest OEM in India. Adani as of now has a manufacturing centre in Bangalore and will soon have repair centres across India, meanwhile, Adani signed a memorandum of understanding with Drone Destination, India's largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot training company, to meet its Requirements for Licensed Drone Operators.

On Friday, Adani announced it would acquire a 50% stake in Bengaluru-based commercial drone maker GE Aviation to provide "end-to-end solutions for the domestic agricultural sector".

In addition to defense, Adanide civilian drones have penetrated India's agriculture, oil and gas, energy, telecommunications, mining and construction industries.

FDG30 Mako shark civilian drone

FDG30 electric long endurance civilian drone was developed by FlyDragon Aviation UAV company, droen frame is carbon fiber mamerial, the weight of drone frame is 6KG only, FDG30 endurance is 6 hours with 1kg payload, it's best for mapping&surveillance