China used drone sprayer to fight virus

In order to fight the virus, many countries began to use drones for large-scale disinfection. Using a drone to spray disinfectant has many benefits.

1. Can reduce labor intensity
2. You can spray to a height that people can't reach
3. Improve work efficiency

In the past, four people sprayed disinfectant together, and it took as long as 2 hours to finish spraying. Now, using a drone spray, it only takes 10 minutes to finish spraying.

Type of disinfectant

The main role of disinfectant is 84 disinfectant, its effective component is sodium hypochlorite, which produces hypochlorous acid when it meets water, and has the effect of bleaching and disinfection

Requirements for spraying disinfectant

1. Epidemic area (where there are confirmed cases):

1) When there are visible pollutants, the pollutants should be completely removed before disinfection. If the pollutants cannot be eliminated, spray the ground with chlorine-containing disinfectants from 5000 mg to 10000 mg / L. The disinfection operation time should be 10-15 minutes.
2) When there are no visible pollutants, use 1000 mg / L of chlorine-containing disinfectant. The floor disinfection is sprayed once from the outside to the inside, and the spray amount is 3-5 liters / 667 square meters. Repeat spraying once outside. Disinfection operation time should be 10-15 minutes.

2. Non-epidemic areas (areas without confirmed cases):

1) It is possible to spray back and forth with 500 mg / L of chlorine-containing disinfectant, and 3 litres of disinfectant to spray an area of 667 square meters.
The key spraying areas of township communities: streets, farmers' markets, hospitals, schools, parks, etc.

3) Suggested parameters: no more than 3-5 meters away from the working surface, flying too high, the active ingredients in the liquid are easy to evaporate. (The specific flight height refers to the local terrain, pay attention to ensure flight safety)

8 roter 22L drone sprayer

FDXD-8R-22L drone sprayer is Flydragon UAV  company's new agriculture drone for 2020, foldable design easy to delivery FDXD-8R-22L drone sprayer max takeoff weight is 55KG, payload 22L, flight time is 15 minutes, effective working area is 4 acres each flight with 2 pieces 12S 160000mah

Frame Recommended configuration
Wheelbase :2122mm


Expand Size :2050*2050*643mm


Folded size :1107*1107*643mm


Tank capacity: 11L*2

Input Voltage: 12S

Frame Kit weight :14kg( Without spraying system )



Weight:300g Maximum

Flow rate :5.5L/min

Input voltage :43~60V

Stroke range :1100-1900μs

Maximum current :3A

Pressure :0.58Mpa