FlyDragon Announces Long Range VTOL drone Surveying and Mapping Solutions

Flydragon Aviation Tech. Company, a drone company based in western China, released a drone mapping system for long-range/large-scale use last month. FlyDragon's main business scope is UAV production, sales and UAV solution supply. FlyDragon is a global professional drone company that can provide customers with more cost-effective drone solutions within a limited budget.

The long-range mapping UAV system consists of three parts: the vertical UAV platform FDG30 VTOL, A7RII 42M mapping camera and 100km drone telemetry

FDG30 long endurance electric VTOL uav

FDG30 mako shark long endurance VTOL

FDG30 electric long endurance VTOL civilian drone was developed by FlyDragon Aviation UAV company, droen frame is carbon fiber mamerial, the weight of drone frame is 6KG only, FDG30 endurance is 6 hours with 1kg payload, it's best for mapping&surveillance

FDG30 Specifications:

Body material: carbon fiber, composite material, etc.
Body length: 1800mm
Wingspan: 3000m
Landing gear height: 19cm
Landing gear installation position: below the rotor rod
Payload compartment size: 140mm*140mm*120mm
Mission compartment position: Front of the fuselage
Frame Structure weight: about 6kg
Maximum take-off weight: less than 16kg
Maximum payload: 2kg (standard load: 1-1.5kg)
Endurance: with 1KG payload get 6 hours (test flight) @ 18 m/s (depending on the battery and model version).
Maximum control distance: manual control by remote control/3km, ground station/standard 30km (up to 100km with numerical control)
Flight speed: economic cruise speed 15-22 m/s (range is almost unchanged)
Maximum flight speed: 30 m/s

Stall speed:12m/s

Area coverage: 5000ha/ flight
Minimum circling radius: 150m
Maximum horizontal lift limit: 4000m above sea level
Wind resistance in fixed-wing mode: no less than 7 wind (17.1m/s)
Maximum wind resistance in rotor take-off and landing mode: no less than class 4 wind (7.9m/s)
Operating environment: -20℃~45℃; can fly in light rain
Power battery: 1*5000mah 8S (vertical take-off and landing) ; 1*60000mah 8S (fixed wing cruise)
Rotor emergency operation time: not less than 6.5min
Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
Vertical power propeller size: 22.3inches
Fixed wing tail thruster propeller: 14~16 inches

A7RII 42M mapping camera

A7RII 42M mapping camera

A7R II  mapping camera is the most costeffective camera for drone mapping, the weight is 219g only, so it can mount on most of drone platform, it's Pixels is up to 42MP and have 35mm full frame Exmor CMOS sensor, it's max. support SD card is 128G


Sensor: Full –frame exmor CMOS sensor(35.8*23.9mm)

Pixels: 42.4MP

Pixel Size: 4.5μm

Image size(pixels): 7952*5304

Hot shoe:  supported

Shutter trigger: High level, low level(by default) /PWM

Shutter speed: 30-1/8000sec(adjustable)

Minimum exposure time: 0.8s

Parameter setting: Button/USB

Data reading: SD card/USB

Storage: SD card(Max 128G)

Power: 7.2-8.6V



Interface: HDMI/USB/SD card slot/Hot shoe

100KM drone Telemetry

100km drone data& video droen telemetry

Flydragon long-distance image data transmission, and remote control integrated data link products provide highly reliable communication connections for industrial-grade unmanned systems.  has strong anti-interference performance, stable signal, rich interface types, supply30-200KM link custom made.,

Transmit power: 5W Working 

Frequency: 1.4GHZ
Broadband transmission:10MHZ 


Downlink throughput: 2.5Mbps ~ 8Mbps 

Power consumption: 10W(ground end), 12W(air end) 

Size: 140*125*38mm 

Weight: 350g(ground end), 345g(air end) 

Video interface : network port, serial port, PPM/SBUS 

Work voltage: 12V~30V
Communication link establishment/recovery time is less: than 10ms
Reliable communication and strong anti-interference ability
Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no interference to GPS, pod and gimbal
Transmission distances: 100KM
Interface:network port/serial port
Encryption: AES 256
Work Temp.:-20~50℃
Cold start time 5 seconds. 100km tracking antenna