FlyDragon launched 6000W EFI generator for UAV

EFI hybrid 6000W drone generator aerospace extender

First of all, thank you for your trust drone gengerator supplier FlyDragon UAV company ! Welcome to use the our drone gennerator. According to the needs of multi-rotor drones, FlyDragon launched new EFI 6000W drone genenrator FD-6000


1.FD-6000 drone EFI generator  uses a two-cylinder, two-stroke gasoline engine as the power source, which is derived from the military power project, and adopts an automotive-grade 32-bit MCU, which is precise

2.Fuel injection ignition, adaptive plateau correction, intelligent self-learning, passed environmental and EMC tests, with high output power and fuel consumption

3.Features of low rate. The motor adopts an external rotor motor, the motor and the engine are integrated, so that the extender has a small size and weight

4.Lightweight, low noise, high quality-to-power ratio and other advantages. The controller has protection functions such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and over-speed.

5.FD-6000 EFI drone genneratorr has excellent quality, strong power source, long-term high-power output, long battery life, etc.


Rated voltage: 58V
Continuous output power: 6KW
Weight: 8.5KGS
Size (L*W*H): 312*288*206MM
Average fuel consumption: 5.8L/h
Model used: Multi-rotor UAV
Maximum take-off weight: 52KGS
Applicable model power voltage: 58V (14S)
Altitude: 2000m
Applicable ambient temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
Starting method: handheld electric starter
Mixing ratio of lubricating oil and gasoline: 1:40
Engine model: 247AI
Model: Two-cylinder, two-stroke, electronic injection, water-cooled gasoline engine
Displacement (ml): 124
Rated power (KW)@7000r/min: 7.3KW
Rated maximum speed (r/min): 7500
Idle speed (r/min): 5000
Engine oil grade: JASO FC grade or ISO-l-EGC grade and higher grade 2T engine oil
Gasoline identification: 95# gasoline
Introductory TBO:200 hours