Long range distance video& date telemetry for UAV

As a Drone service providers FlyDragon now launched advantage long range distance drone video&date telemety.

Long range distance drone telemetry is a high-definition digital wireless transmission system optimized by FlyDragon for unmanned equipment, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ships. The system can provide a stable high-speed video link from the unmanned equipment to the remote controller and a highly reliable narrowband data transmission and remote control link from the controller to the aircraft. Its superior long-distance transmission performance and non-line-of-sight transmission performance can meet the different needs of many application scenarios including drones, unmanned ships, and security monitoring.

Based on Software-defined-radio architecture and bottom-up design, FlyDragon long range telemetry integrates Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Modulation (OFDM), Multiple Antenna Technology (MIMO), Low Density Check Code (LDPC) ) And other latest wireless communication technologies. Long transmission distance (10km~200km), high transmission reliability, low transmission delay, support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission, compact structure, light weight, and rich interfaces, not only can meet the different needs of UAV applications, but also Because the software-defined radio architecture has flexible customization and continuous evolution capabilities, it supports the image data transmission needs of future unmanned equipment, security monitoring and other applications.

The long-range link is mainly used for the attitude control and video return of the UAV. The transmission power range of the new long-range link is 0.5-5W. The whole system is composed of the sky end, the ground end, and the one-way tracking antenna. The sky end The maximum weight is only 350g, suitable for military, border surveillance, maritime patrols, etc. 

Working frequency:1.4/2.4GGHZ
Broadband transmission:2.5-10MHZ                                                                 


Downlink throughput: 2.3Mbps ~ 12Mbps                                                                                                       

Power consumption: 0.5W-5W                                                                                                         

Size: 77.8*47.3*23.5mm                                                                                                            

Weight: 368g                                                                                                                              

Work voltage:6-16V                        
Communication link establishment/recovery time is less than 10ms
Reliable communication and strong anti-interference ability
Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no interference to GPS, pod and gimbal
Transmission distances: 30-200KM
With 1 1080P60 SDI HD image, 4 digital transmission, 2 remote control interface
1 independent PWM channel output on the airborne end, can be used for signal control such as drop and lighting
The ground side adopts software decoding, and the decoding software has local storage and forwarding functions
Optimized transmission of 1080P high-definition video stream with minimum end-to-end delay of 250ms
Can realize point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay networking applications
Cold start time 5 seconds.

FlyDragon accept custom made from 30-200KM, more details email at