Hospital medical transportation drones are more cost-effective than land transportation

Since drone transportation is not affected by ground traffic, transportation time efficiency is better. SF Express has opened three direct routes from Luohu Hospital, Maternity and Child Health Hospital, and Chinese Medicine Hospital to the inspection center to provide normal inspection sample transportation services for the Luohu Hospital Group.

The Ark (ARK) UAV carrying out air transportation is equipped with an intelligent cold chain box, and is equipped with a cold chain recorder and a cold chain management system, allowing relevant personnel to monitor the location, temperature and humidity, and sample activity throughout the process. The unmanned aerial vehicle can carry 25 kilograms and can carry 800 to 1000 samples in a single time. It is estimated that the sample transportation volume can reach 12,000 in a single day.

Ark UAV uses an eight-rotor layout. It has a multi-redundancy navigation system, flight control system, power system and power supply system, and is equipped with an emergency landing system, and its reliability and safety have reached the industry's top level. In addition, the aerodynamically optimized propeller makes it have higher flight efficiency. Through the onboard visual positioning system, it can also complete accurate landing. The Ark UAV is suitable for short- and medium-distance terminal delivery business. The large-volume cargo warehouse of more than 50 liters enables this model to meet the needs of more transportation tasks.

FlyDragon FD50P hybrid drone for drone transportation


Standard take-off weight: MAX 230kg

Max payload: 80KG

 (Including 50KG + 30KG fuel)

Wheelbase: 3530mm

Expanded size: 5130 * 4660 * 1350

Excluding the arm size: 1500 * 1380 * 1350

Backup battery: 24S 22000MAH

Hovering time*: No load: 130 minutes (additional fuel tank)

 Load: 60 minutes

Maximum climbing speed: 2m/s.

Flight speed: 1-8m/s.

 Maximum altitude: less than 1000m

Recommended working temperature: -20 to 40°C

Fuel tank capacity: 20L * 2

Flight control system: A3

Working frequency: 2.400-2.483 GHz

 Remote control model: H12

Working frequency: 2.400-2.483 GHz

 Maximum transmission distance: 3km

 (Extra range requires additional range extender)

EIRP: @ 2.4GHz: FCC 20 dbm @ 2.4GHz: CE 16 dbm

Hybrid power system Model: F23K * 2 sets

 Rated voltage: MIX 88.8V MAX 100.8V 24S

Power: continuous power: 23KW * 2

 Working fuel consumption: 17.5L * 2 /hour

 Fuel ratio:

0-5 hours 25:1; after 5 hours 50:1 (95# gasoline, FD grade 2T engine oil) Working temperature: -20~45 degrees Celsius

Startup mode: one-key auto start


Power system (motor ESC, propeller)

Motor: EA160 KV40

 ESC: EP-260A 24S

Propeller: UC6013L 60 inches