India uses drone to spray nano-urea fertilizer

Witnessed by Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of Chemistry and Fertilizers and Health and Family Welfare, a practical field test of drone spraying nano-liquid urea was carried out in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Federal Minister Mandavia emphasized that this event is a huge achievement. "India has become the first country in the world to start commercial production of nanourea. Today, not only nanourea has been produced on a large scale, but we are very happy that farmers have adopted it on a large scale from the beginning.

Production started in June and we have produced more than 5 million bottles of nanourea so far. More than 100,000 bottles of nano-urea are produced every day," he said. Speaking of the drone spraying field test held on Friday, Mandavia said, “Regarding the conventional spraying of fertilizers and pesticides, many questions and doubts still exist. In people's minds. Also expressed concern about the potential health hazards of sprayers. Drone spraying will solve these problems.

Drones will be able to spray more land in a shorter period of time. This will save farmers time. Spraying costs will be lower. This will save farmers money. At the same time, the safety of the sprinklers will also be guaranteed. "Mandaviya said that in a short period of time, liquid nano-urea has become a powerful substitute for traditional urea.

He also said that the increasing use of liquid nano-urea will save farmers economic expenses, increase productivity and reduce India’s dependence on urea imports. This will also reduce the government's burden of subsidies, and the government will be able to use this savings for other public welfare programs. "IFFCO found in its research that spraying nano-urea through drones is more effective for crops and will also have a positive impact on productivity.

1.Flydragon FD-6R-32L drone sprayer for spraying Liquid fertilizer


Size: 1900*1900*730(Unfold State)
1008*950*730(Fold State)
Tank: 32L
Weight: 19.5kg
Max take off weight:58kg
Flight time: 10-15 minutes(32kg payload)
Control distance: 3KM
Work efficience: 4 acres/flight


1. make plan on softwar&ground station full automatic fly 

2. Low power or lost single Auto return

3.Terrain following  radar suit for any topography

4. Break point continue to spray

2.FlyDragon 10 KG Spreading drone for spraying solid fertilizer


Wheelbase: 1400MM
Folding size: 880*820*500 MM
Tank catacity: 10KGS
Frame weight : 7KGS(including spreading system)
Maximum takeoff weight: 26KGS
Motor: Hobbywing X6 or 6215 180KV
Propeller: 24*8.5 inch
Supply voltage: 12S
Power system kit weight: 0.76KGS
Maximum pulling force: 10.3KGS
Recommended single axis load: 4-5 KG