The French military is developing a bird-like drone airplane

drone airplane

The French Armed Forces are exploring the use of drones to camouflage or "obfuscate" the appearance and behavior of birds by imitating the flapping of their wings during flight, and are trying to use the bird's flight characteristics to develop drone airplane

The project, called BIOFLY, is based on a drone built in 2014 by French Marseille company Bionic Bird. The drone's wings are made of carbon fiber and the body is made of polymer, and it weighs about 50 grams, or about 2 ounces.

The ministry said the bird drone has potential military applications because of its stealth, weight and ability to be operated from a smartphone.

The MoD said research efforts focused on a new flapping flight architecture, in addition to integrating an onboard camera that stabilizes during oscillations and wing motion. The project also explored improving propulsion systems and enhancing flight capabilities through pilot assistance, flight automation and the ability to change flight speed.

France isn't the only country turning to bionic drone airplane. Spanish police say they are using drones in the shape of lifelike birds of prey or seagulls to conduct covert surveillance on suspected terrorist groups and organised crime groups, according to Spanish news today.