The latest development guidelines for delivery drone in Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism recently released the second edition of the “Guidelines on the Effective Utilization of Delivery drone in Japan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”) to provide guidance for the development of the industry.

It is reported that the guide is divided into two parts: social installation and laws and regulations, including guidance content such as review and implementation of the system, service content, safety, laws and regulations. The guide points out that the introduction of drone logistics is not only to improve transportation efficiency, but also to target regional development. By optimizing the social infrastructure system, it can provide logistics network maintenance for areas with less logistics services, such as isolated islands and mountainous areas, and improve people’s livelihood. Increase medical services to facilitate people's shopping.

Some analysts pointed out that the epidemic has reduced aviation activities and increased shipping pressure, and companies are looking for ways to ease the pressure on logistics networks. UAVs are being regarded as a key component in the development of a new generation of logistics technology.

At present, drone logistics is accelerating the development of the world. Large enterprises represented by e-commerce Amazon and logistics provider DHL are all accelerating the development of related businesses, and start-ups are also attracting more investors' attention.

DHL is currently cooperating with Bulgarian aircraft developer Dronamics to develop cross-border and inter-city drone delivery services. The goal is that its designed drones can carry 350 kg and fly distances of 2500 kilometers. It went into production in October this year.

FD-1660 long endurance delivery drone

FD-1660 long endurance drone

FD1660 six axis carbon fiber long endurance drone

FlyDragon FD1660  is a long flight time six axis carbon fiber drone , FlyDragon FD1660 is made of carbon fiber material which features light weight and high strength, the canopy of FD1660 is made of glass fiber so that the GPS signal won’t be blocked. The closed fuselage structure can protect FD1660 from the rain and dust, and also protect other load equipments like flight control and battery.
FD1660 can be applied in many fields like aerial photography, emergency rescue, reconnaissance mission, power line inspection, drone delivery, remote sensing survey and mapping etc.

We suuply drone frame, PNP or RTF


Aircraft Type: Hexacopter
Wheelbase: 1660mm
Airframe Material: Carbon Fiber And Composite Materials
Package Size: 400*730*930mm
Drone frame Weight : 2.7kg
Max. Take-Off Weight:26kg
Max. Payload: 12kg
Flight time: 120minutes(without payload)
80minutes(3KG payload)
40minutes(10KG payload)
Max. Climb Speed: 4m/s
Cruise Speed: 10m/s
Max. Flying Speed: 15m/s
Max. Altitude AMSL: 4000m
Hovering Accuracy:Vertical ±1m, Horizontal±1.5m
Max. Wind Resistance: Level 6
Operation Temperature: -20~60℃
IP Rating:IP56

drone Frame Features:

– TORAY 3K Carbon fiber material
– Light-weight, durable and stable
– Rainrproof
– Long flight time
– Detachable arm, easily portable