The future of composite drone frame

Composite Factory, a leading designer and manufacturer of complex composite structures and components for UAV, military and aerospace applications, has launched a concept drone frame specifically designed to showcase future production chassis possibility.

The demonstrator drone frame considers the key factors that must be considered when the drone design matures in the early life cycle stage and moves towards full production. These factors, such as the number of parts and assembly time, will affect the marketability and total cost of the final product.

The composite drone frame demonstration machine adopts a closed fuselage design, which can provide protection against environmental conditions such as heavy rain. The co-molding of their proprietary elastomers and composite materials provides another opportunity for weatherproofing.

With extensive experience and skills in UD laminates, fabrics, and long-fiber composites, composite factories can build custom drone frame to meet your unique needs. Fabrics and UD laminates are very suitable for less complex geometries. In general, they are most suitable for monolithic structural components. As complexity increases, but high strength and stiffness are still important considerations, long-fiber composites can meet these needs with similar structural integrity.

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1. Kevlar material VTOL drone frame

FLY-220 Kevlar VTOL drone frame

2. carbon fibre material drone frame

FDG35 VTOL drone frame

FD1600 industrial drone frame