Drone for coastline patrol

Binzhou City, China, used drones to replace traditional patrols for the first time, opening up a new path for coastal patrols.

Compared with traditional vehicle and foot inspections, UAV inspections are more efficient and have a wide range, realizing full coverage of land and sea. In just 4 days, after inspecting 238.9 kilometers of coastline, 115 solid wastes were found, and about 1.3 tons of various types of waste were cleaned up.

Traditional coastal patrol is divided into two parts, land and sea

Land patrol

Driving vehicles are combined with walking inspections, but the land around the coast of Binzhou City does not have the conditions for traffic and some tidal flat areas cannot be accessed by humans on foot, resulting in low inspection efficiency and high inspection costs.

Marine patrol

There are also two major drawbacks in the inspection method of driving a vessel: one is that the speed of the vessel is not high, which leads to the overall inspection efficiency is too low, and the other is that the vessel cannot enter the shallow area and cannot cover the land without blind spots.

The UAV in Binhai City has a load capacity of more than 10kg, can withstand level 6 sea breeze, and can fly at a speed of 30m/s. At the same time, it integrates 4G/5G dual communication modules in the UAV system, using  30X zoom camera pan/tilt can accurately lock the spatial coordinates of marine garbage, and the returned data can be recognized in time and accurately to ensure that the garbage can be found and cleaned up.

long endurance drone payload 1.2KG fly 180 Minutes for coastline patrol

Big shark Fixed-wing VTOL

MTOW 20.3kg
Weight w/o battery and payload 9.69kg
Wingspan 3200 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Height 500 mm
Frame weight 3.2kg
Max payload 3kg
Battery weight 7.53kg                                                                                                                      Max Take-off Weight: 20.3kg
Endurance(20.3kg take-off weight) 2.5 hours                                                                                Cruise speed 78-90km/h
Max speed 100km/h