The future of precision agriculture drone technology

What is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture, also known as precision agriculture, is a way for farmers to manage crops to ensure the efficiency of inputs such as water and fertilizer, and to maximize productivity, quality and yield. Precision agriculture also includes the prevention of pests, floods and crop diseases.

Farmers can use drones to continuously monitor the condition of crops and livestock in the air, and quickly find problems that will not appear in spot checks on the ground. For example, they can use drone time-lapse photography to discover that some crops are not properly irrigated.

What is an agricultural drone?

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In the past few years, agricultural drone technology has been improving, and the benefits of drones to agriculture have become more and more obvious. From mapping, surveying, to crop spraying, its application in agriculture has become more and more extensive. On the surface, agricultural drones are no different from other types of drones. Simple changes to ordinary drones can adapt to the needs of farmers.

Agricultural drone technology

The process of using drones to map or measure crops is relatively simple. Many newer agricultural drone models are equipped with flight planning software, allowing the user to map around the area he needs to cover. Then, the software will automatically draw the flight route. When the drone is flying, it will use the onboard sensors and built-in camera to take pictures automatically, and use GPS to determine when to take each picture.

Crop dusting/spraying

Compared with traditional tractors, drones can spray more accurately

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UAVs have saved farmers a lot of costs, improved efficiency, and increased profitability, thus completely changing the industry. By quickly investigating large areas of farmland, drones can map the land, report on crop health, improve spraying accuracy, and monitor livestock and irrigation systems. The ability of drones to collect and analyze data in real time has brought tangible results for farmers, such as increasing crop yields, reducing resources used for weeds and herbicides, and improving overall management decisions.

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