The Ministry of Emergency Management of China dispatched drones to provide communication relays for flood control in Henan

It was learned from the Emergency Management Department today that according to the arrangements of the China National Defense Flood and Drought Relief Headquarters, on July 21st, Zhou Xuewen, the Secretary-General of China’s Flood Control, Deputy Minister of Emergency Management and Deputy Minister of Water Resources, led the China National Defense Working Group to Zhengzhou City, Henan Province to assist. Guide flood prevention and disaster relief work. In the morning of the same day, the working group arrived in Zhengzhou and started work immediately. The Emergency Management Department urgently dispatched the Pterosaur UAV aerial emergency communication platform into Mihe Town, Gongyi City, opening up the emergency communication guarantee lifeline.

Due to floods, communications in several villages in Mihe Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province were interrupted. On July 21, the Department of Emergency Management urgently dispatched the Pterosaur UAV aerial emergency communication platform for a long-distance cross-regional flight. It took 4.5 hours to reach Gongyi City and entered the communication interruption zone of Mihe Town at 18:21, using Pterosaur unmanned aircraft. The mobile public network base station carried by the air-to-air emergency communication platform realizes long-term and stable continuous mobile signal coverage of about 50 square kilometers, allowing residents in the disaster area to report the disaster situation and report safety in time, opening up the emergency communication guarantee lifeline.

Flydragon FD-180 VTOL fixed-wing drone for communication relays

FlyDragon FD180P The UAV platform is a large-scale oil-powered long-haul composite wing vertical take-off and landing drone independently developed by our company. The overall layout of the composite wing with fixed wing and four-rotor is used to solve the fixed-wing UAV vertical in a simple and reliable way. The problem of take-off and landing, combined with the characteristics of fixed-wing UAV's longitude, high speed, long distance and the vertical take-off and landing of the rotorless drone, the vertical take-off and landing mode greatly enhances the environmental adaptability of the UAV platform. The UAV platform can smoothly operate in complex terrain and densely populated areas such as mountains, hills and jungles, greatly expanding the scope of application of drones, and is an ideal choice for industrial-grade drones.

The FD180P UAV platform is equipped with industrial-grade vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing flight control and strapdown inertial navigation system, as well as professional aerial aerial survey and inspection ground station software. It can ensure that the drone can fly autonomously and complete the autonomous takeoff without operator intervention. In the flight phase of flight state transition, autonomous cruise, and autonomous landing, it also supports automatic route planning for more than 1000 waypoints and emergency standby plan for 100 waypoints.

The drone platform has the following features and advantages:

a) Practical and efficient: it has the characteristics of fixed-wing UAV's long flight time, fast speed, long distance and large load;

b) Vertical take-off and landing: with the take-off and landing mode of the rotorless drone, greatly reducing the requirements for landing and landing and airspace;

c) low cost of use: no complicated and bulky launching and recycling equipment, no additional recycling sensors required;

d) Simple operation: integrated special flight control and navigation system, full autonomous flight, operators only need to send flight plans, no professional training and operational experience;


ody length:       3.35m

Wingspan:        6.5m

Maximum takeoff weight:       180kg

Maximum payload: 40kg

Endurance:       8h~10h

Flight radius:    300-500km

(depending on the amount of oil loaded)

Maximum control distance:    Remote control (manual control): 1km

Ground station control (depending on the distance of the digital transmission): 30km standard

Maximum speed:     130km/h

Cruising speed:        100-120km/h

Maximum oil load:   40L

Lift limit: 5000m

Maximum wind resistance: 12m/s(6 level winds)

Use environment:    -10+45; anti-light rain

Vertical takeoff and landing: 32*8000mAh-6S Li battery

Takeoff and landing mode: Vertical takeoff and landing