Solution for police drone

With the continuous popularization of UAV applications, police UAVs have been widely used in the police field, especially in the event of emergencies or catastrophic violent events, real-time live video transmission can be carried out for the commander. Decisions and judgments provide a basis and have achieved good results in some police activities. The drone can be equipped with tear gas dispensers, loudspeakers, strong lighting, infrared imaging equipment, etc.

Payload equipment:

Police anti-terrorism application

Glare lighting search

Infrared imaging search

Best multi-rotor for police drone

FDL 1600 multi-rotor drone


Wheelbase: 1600mm
Frame Weight: 3.8kg(with landing gear)
RTF Weight: 6.8kg(no battery)
Max. Take-off Weight: 28kg (36kg by using 8120 motor or T-motor P80)
Flight Time: 90 minutes(no payload)(4x 6s 30000mAh Li-ion battery);70 minutes(4x 6s 22000mAh Lipo battery)
Voltage: 48V
Battery: 6S 22000mAh Lipo x4; or 6S 30000mAh Li-ion x4

Best VTOL fixed-wing for police drone

Big shark VTOL fixed-wing


MTOW 20.3kg
Weight w/o battery and payload 9.69kg
Wingspan 3200 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Height 500 mm
Frame weight 3.2kg
Max payload 3kg
Battery weight 7.53kg                                                                                                                       Max Take-off Weight: 20.3kg
Endurance(20.3kg take-off weight) 2.5 hours                                                                                     Cruise speed 78-90km/h
Max speed 100km/h