Choose drone camera you need to know this parameter

drone camera

Drone camera have many parameters, such as zoom, pixels, etc., but there is one most important parameter we must understand, which is the imaging area of the photosensitive element. The larger the photosensitive area, the better the imaging quality. More expensive

So what is a light sensor?

Photosensitive elements are the core of digital cameras and the most critical technology. Conventional cameras use "film" as the carrier of their recorded information, while digital camera "film" is its imaging photosensitive element.

the photosensitive area biger the camera is more expencive

There are two core imaging components of digital cameras: one is a widely used CCD element; the other is a CMOS device.

Difference between CCD and CMOS

CCD:The advantage of CCD is that the imaging quality is good, but due to the complicated manufacturing process, only a few manufacturers can master it, which results in high manufacturing costs, especially for large CCDs, which are very expensive.

CMOS:At the same resolution, CMOS is cheaper than CCD, but the image quality produced by CMOS devices is lower than that of CCD, and the power consumption is lower than that of CCD. For example, a CMOS image sensor requires only one set of power, and Or four power supplies

So most of drone camera on the market use CMOS as the imaging element, so how do you see the quality of the imaging element? For example:

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro ’s photosensitive element is 1 inch, and the Phantom 4 ’s is 1 / 2.3 inch. The former ’s photosensitive area is indeed 5.29 times that of the latter ’s. However, due to the lens focusing, the actual photosensitive area is finally used, that is, "Effective photosensitive area", Phantom 4 Pro is 4 times that of Phantom 4.