Good drone camera price for mapping and surving

Drones are known by more and more people and are recognized by more industry markets. As a flying platform, drones can be equipped with a drone camera price for: crop diseases and insect pests and stress, crop planting area and growth monitoring and agricultural condition monitoring, agricultural disaster monitoring and evaluation, precision agricultural applications, ecological environment survey monitoring, smog monitoring, Water resources monitoring planning and management, soil erosion monitoring and assessment, geographic information system, wild animal and habitat investigation and monitoring assessment, forestry diseases and insect pests and forest fire investigation and monitoring and early warning, wetland resources investigation and assessment, nature reserve management, etc.

Hyperspectral remote sensing is the abbreviation of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. It is a technology that acquires many very narrow spectral continuous image data in the visible, near infrared, mid infrared and thermal infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The application of drone agriculture in the protection of pests and diseases has been understood by many people, and plant protection drones are also called "drug spraying drones" by more people. However, the application of drone to plant protection is obviously not only for spraying pesticides. What other aspects does it apply to? Next, let's talk about another specific application in agriculture-agricultural monitoring work.

Agricultural monitoring mainly includes: monitoring of diseases and insects, monitoring of irrigation and monitoring of crop growth, etc. In addition, after a disaster occurs, it can also be used to assess the state of the disaster.drone camera price
drone camera price

In the past few years, as the professional development of drones has accelerated, many government units have introduced drones equipped with sensors to monitor the hydrological environment. The Yangzhou Environmental Monitoring Station used four drones to conduct flight tests to try to monitor the water quality safety of the east route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project; the water quality monitoring team of Wenzhou Medical University also used drones to assist in the water quality, plankton, Large-scale aquatic plants and animals were surveyed and sampled to help achieve the goal of ecological restoration of Sanyang Wetland.

Best drone for surveillance and inspection & survey and mapping


hexacopter Done  FDL1600 has a very unique hexacopter featuring high pressure molding full carbon fiber body,  it is light weight and super high strength. To keep its super cool natural carbon fiber appearance, we left it unpainted. The 90 minutes no-payload super long flight time makes it a perfect platform for mapping, surveillance, logistics and a lot more applications. Another advantage of a hexacopter: Its quiet flight characteristics. Thanks to the 6-rotor system, the copter stands stable in the air and can be reliably controlled even at high wind speeds. Compared to most quadrocopters, a hexacopter is not only quieter but also more powerful, more precisely controllable and has a higher also features wonderful quick-detach arms and landing gear, making it convenient for storage and easy to transport. Also the new landing gear and gimbal mounting point, new wiring method, create a really vast internal space. And the new ESC mounting type, features good heat dissipation, so don’t need to worry about heat dissipation problem even working with Tethered Power System. The 6-rotor system not only provides a more stable flight and more power, but is also an important safety feature.Thanks to its 6 rotor design, a hexacopter can also be controlled with 5 rotors in case of a motor or propeller fail. This means that in the event of a breakdown, you can still safely fly and land with 5 rotors. A clear advantage compared to a quadrocopter that would fall of the sky when they loose a rotor. In addition, the 6-rotor system provides more power and a stable flight behavior. A hexacopter has many advantages and is suitable for beginners as well as for demanding photographers and videographers due to its safe and stable flight characteristics. Even commercial drone pilots will find a safe, precise, powerful and flexible tool in it that can be equipped with additional accessories thanks to the increased load capacity.


Wheelbase: 1600mm
Frame Weight: 3.8kg(with landing gear)
RTF Weight: 6.8kg(no battery)
Max. Take-off Weight: 28kg (36kg by using 8120 motor or T-motor P80)
Flight Time: 90 minutes(no payload)(4x 6s 30000mAh Li-ion battery);70 minutes(4x 6s 22000mAh Lipo battery)
Voltage: 48V
Battery: 6S 22000mAh Lipo x4; or 6S 30000mAh Li-ion x4