The best indoor drones of 2020

These mini marvelous flying machines are cheaper and more technical than ever, so here is our guide, the best cheap drone you can fly inside the four walls

Here are the 7 drones we recommend.

Product specifications are best for: Interesting battery life: 8-10 minutes Range: 30-100 meters FPV: Yes reason to buy + intuitive control + modular ParrotMamboFPV combines simple control, easy flight and tough design, is suitable for children They are good choices for their parents and they will inevitably make a few laps in the living room. The resolution of this camera is very low, only 720p, but in the end it is not the real selling point of this drone.

Product specifications are best for: Easy flight Battery life: 7-9 minutes Range: 50 meters FPV: Yes, reason to buy on mobile phones / tablets + Streams video directly to the device + neat high-end features This sacred drone The remote control drone is a great example of a multifunctional entry-level drone, which is easy to fly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Nonetheless, the critics suggested that it should be hung at home first, why not? After all, the home is where Wi-Fi is located, which is how you can transfer video directly to your phone or tablet via the onboard FPV camera.

Product specifications are most suitable for: FPV battery life: 6 minutes Range: 30 meters FPV: Yes reason to buy + onboard FPV camera + one-click return to this mini racing drone for our FPV or first-person perspective function list, let You can observe the bird's eye view from the drone's car camera. Unlike HolyStoneRC drones, there is no direct streaming function, so you must use a separate monitor or some FPV goggles to watch, but if your main motivation is to shoot your flight, it is worth investing.

Product specifications Battery life: 10 minutes Range: 30 meters FPV: No (but car camera) Reasons to buy + authentic design and sound + Hyperdrive stunt Okay, it may feel a little gimmicky, but guys-you can finally drive a thousand Jubilee Falcon. Take control of the fastest garbage dump in the galaxy, using four hidden rotors here, so as not to disturb the iconic-even undeniably aerodynamic-design of the most famous ship in the movie.

Product specifications are most suitable for: More technical Battery life: 3-4 minutes Range: 40 meters FPV: Reason to buy + FPV + Large monitor with built-in pillar guard If you do n’t have time, experience or tend to build your own, comment I found this little drone to be a good RTF replacement for TinyWhoop. InductrixFPVBNF is like a business where no one is in flight. It allows more experienced flyers to be used for bold skills, but is stable enough to not startle beginners.

Product specifications are most suitable for: Beginner drone battery life: 5 minutes Range: 30 meters FPV: Yes (not including goggles) Reason to buy + two speed modes + durable type If you are only in the drone UAV In the game, and not too interested in equipped with a car camera, this mini quadcopter is a good choice. I'm glad to find that its air duct design mimics the more expensive TinyWhoop, and there are some elements that make E010 much cheaper. Its durable nylon structure and relatively long flight time (for such a small helicopter) are valuable assets for the price.

best drones for agriculture

8 roter 22L drone sprayer

FDXD-8R-22L drone sprayer is Flydragon UAV  company's new agriculture drone for 2020, foldable design easy to delivery FDXD-8R-22L drone sprayer max takeoff weight is 55KG, payload 22L, flight time is 15 minutes, effective working area is 4 acres each flight with 2 pieces 12S 16000mah


Frame Recommended configuration

Wheelbase :2122mm


Expand Size :2050*2050*643mm


Folded size :1107*1107*643mm


Tank capacity: 11L*2

Input Voltage: 12S

Frame Kit weight :14kg( Without spraying system )





Weight:300g Maximum

Flow rate :5.5L/min

Input voltage :43~60V

Stroke range :1100-1900μs

Maximum current :3A

Pressure :0.58Mpa